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"Hips swaying like mandolins on a gypsy wagon wall"

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I first heard of Claire Boucher (aka Grimes) when I saw her open for Lykke Li at SF’s Regency Ballroom. I remember being impressed enough to go home & google her over googling a 24-hour food delivery service. Any decision made over food demonstrates “impressed.” I have since discovered multiple tracks from this Canadian electro-pop favorite, all of which that have made their way onto my iTunes rotation. Now, she’s preparing for the release of her debut album, Visions, and she’s creating quite the stir on the interveb. Fans of Santogold Santigold, CocoRosie, & fun should definitely check Ms. Boucher out. And if you’re in the SF bay area like me, you may extend this “checking out” to her live performance at the Rickshaw Stop on February 22 as part of the Noise Pop Festival.

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