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Real Talk.

It must really suck being a second weekend Coacheller and having all novelty drained from Dre & Snoop’s performance. If you say it doesn’t make a difference, you’re lying. You’ve already watched Tupac’s abs on youtube 5x over. And you’ll never EVER get as excited as a first weekend Coacheller seeing the hologram on stage without any forewarning or already-experienced hype. Just another reason this whole 2-weekend thing is stupid.

That being said, the whole Tupac hologram should be a one-time thing and there shouldn’t be talks of a hologram on tour with Dre and Snoop. Does anyone remember “To Live & Die in LA”? And I quote, “California motherfucking love part 2, without g*y ass Dre.”  It’s the same thing that’s wrong with continuing to put Tupac and Biggie verses on the same songs. If someone wasn’t cool with someone in life, quit imposing dying wishes upon them and forcing their squashed beefs post-mortem. However irrational the beef was, it’s not right.

There’s very few subjects I get worked up over at this point in my life. Please note, Tupac is one of them.

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