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Lana Del Rey - Never Let Me Go 

A previously unreleased Lana Del Rey track. I’m guessing it was a bit too cookie-cutter for Born To Die, but it’s a nice departure from the tryingsohardtobedifferent pop sound that we’ve become accustomed to. Plus, ”If you love me hardcore, then don’t walk away.”  Me likey.


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So Mark Foster and Isom Innis from Foster the People have a new DJ project called Smims&Belle. Their first remix: Lana Del Rey's “Blue Jeans”, with a new verse from Azealia Banks. Check out the original and extended versions on their Soundcloud.

I think it’s time to revise that old adage: The only things that are certain in life are death, taxes… and a steady supply of new Lana Del Rey remixes.

(Source: pitchfork)

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Lana Del Rey - Carmen (Official Video)

The video, which was released over the weekend, is a montage of images evoking 50s and 60s NY life including everything from a stripper on a pole to a baby running into its mother’s arms. Lana, who has credited the many filmmakers behind the youtube clips, also makes a few appearances in the video herself through a warm and grainy filter. Basically, in short, we’re looking at ‘Video Games’ Part Deux.


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Lana Del Rey - Video Games (live at Corinthia Hotel)

Up ‘til now, all the youtube videos (and brutal pitchfork reviews) of Lana Del Rey performing live have done nothing more than make me not want to see it for myself for fear of it ruining Lana for me forever. But this video of her performing ’Video Games’ live at Corinthia Hotel London does the exact opposite. Her voice sounds sublime.


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That Nu-Nu Lana

In line with our recent Lana obsession (don’t front, you know that means you too), yesterday, two more tracks from her debut album, Born To Die, were released online. Since Universal has been yanking versions of these songs off youtube, you can listen to “National Anthem” and “This Is What Makes Us Girls” right here at If you don’t have the patience to click & be routed elsewhere, note that Born To Die is being released by Interscope on January 31.

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