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Some Weeknd-esque, new-level electro soul. Diplo did good. Also, a new sound for Usher & I’ll be honest…me likey. I would have gotten down to this in the gym at my 10th grade dance. And the chaperones wouldn’t have liked it. Who am I kidding? I’d dance atop a table to this at 28, wearing a business suit. Hot.

*Cue babies being made*

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More often than not, I like to know about the artists whose music I post. A hobby of sorts. But when my friend, Robert, sent me this video, I couldn’t care less. Band members playing my most favorite elementary-school hand game, Slide. Bubble-gum Pop. A tinge of Eurythmics. A track sounding like something you’ve heard before, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. I’m sold. So here’s this video for a song from a band I know nothing about. Enjoy. 


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A newly-released video for Active Child’s dreamy, cathartic, and ethereal, “Hanging On.” Instead of taking you to space, as the song’s sound would suggest, they take you through a journey following 2 fisherman. But lonely men, tons of snow, foggy woods, & a plethora of fish all still work for this hauntingly spacey  jam. 

And you know you thought El Guapo & sweaters when I said plethora. Caught you.

(Source: Gizmodo, via bitzlbitzlr)

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