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Porcelain Raft - Drifting In and Out

Already one of the acts I’ve posted more consistently about it 2012. First came my ravings about his track, “Put Me To Sleep,” followed by praises of “Unless You Speak From Your Heart.” The dreamy, ethereal putmeinahaze feel has persevered. As has my interest in each newly-released single. Strange Weekend, his debut album, is out now.

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New Artist of the Week

On Tuesday I wrote the following about a newly-discovered Porcelain Raft track, “Put Me To Sleep”:

"In search for newly-released music in 2012, I came across this dreamy-pop project from Londoner, Mauro Remiddi. “Put Me To Sleep” pulls you into its hazy, ethereal world and keeps you there, hypnotized & waiting for more."

Well, I got what I asked for after checking out a few more jams from this guy. It’s official. I’ve found my fave new artist of the week. Possibly month. Possibly [insert time period].

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