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Tired of Lana Del Rey remixes? Not so fast. Because I hear my grandmother is in the process of preparing a “Born To Die” remix that will BLOW your minds. No, but seriously, I always love me a good RAC remix. And here we have a new one by the ways of Ms. Del Rey. Granted, I much prefer the Penguin Prison remix to this song (you can listen to that right here), but this one is something I’ll have on repeat in my car throughout the weekend. And now that I’ve possibly introduced you to one of the masters of the remix, here are some other RAC remixes I recommend: (click to listen)

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In an era where mixtapes are putting people on the map, A$AP Rocky can be singled out as one of the most buzzed about new artists for his recent LiveLoveA$AP mixtape. I have yet to form a real opinion on him (after Ke$ha, I vowed to never support anyone with dollar sign used to stylize their name), but I’ve been really enjoying his single “Peso” and some of the remixes of it that have since emerged. This one’s my fave thus far…

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