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Only the third song we’ve heard from The Neighborhood, but it’s enough to make their buzz nearly tangible. This track is less catchy than the last, Sweater Weather, and has a less-indie-pop-more-rap influence, but it shows the band’s diversity and begs for a few extra listens. Enough for me to say “I’m intrigued.” The band’s upcoming EP, I’m Sorry, is set to be released on Monday, May 7.

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The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather

Forget the track name. This song will definitely be a big hit by summer time. Sweaters tucked away. It’s a sweetly romantic indie pop track dusted with a bit of R&B. If you want more from this group, check out their previously-released track, “Female Robbery,” here which the blogosphere has already dubbed as having a Lana Del Rey-esque opening. I agree. 

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