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So Mark Foster and Isom Innis from Foster the People have a new DJ project called Smims&Belle. Their first remix: Lana Del Rey's “Blue Jeans”, with a new verse from Azealia Banks. Check out the original and extended versions on their Soundcloud.

I think it’s time to revise that old adage: The only things that are certain in life are death, taxes… and a steady supply of new Lana Del Rey remixes.

(Source: pitchfork)

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The newly buzzed-about NY rapper just released this new track via her twitter. She provides some lighter vocals than we’ve previously seen over producer Machinedrum’s thick-bassed beat and r&b goddess (RIP, babygirl) Aaliyah’s vocals.  Azealia’s been on my/our radar after her awesome 212 single and video (that you can watch right here) and, also, after she initiated twitter beef with fellow female rappers Kreayshawn & Nicki Minaj. Very interested in what this girl is gonna do in 2012. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AALIYAH (she would have been 33 today, like whoa). 

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Scissor Sisters (ft Krystal Pepsy) - Shady Love

The first great music video of 2012 comes courtesy of the dance-y pop act named after the slang lesbian sexual position. Teaming up with new 20-yr-old, hip-hop/pop sensation, Azealia Banks (her video for 212 is a must see if you haven’t already), who is credited under the guise Krystal Pepsy, here goes the best primary school play you’ll ever see.

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